Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 3, 2008

Chris and I are driving along, me in the passenger's seat and him in the driver's seat. Suddenly, I get the urge to pee. It's so bad! I really have to go. So.. I went, right there, in the seat. He had no idea. How can that be?? .... Bada Da -de -da da da.... oh god! it's my alarm! I wake up frantically, checking the bed to make sure it's not wet. Thank god it wasn't that dream! You know the one, you're sitting on the toilet peeing, when really you're in bed and you wake up in a puddle of your own urination. Gross!

Phew, I get up grab my contacts, and head for the bathroom. It's shower time. Alot of people say they do all their thinking in the shower. Me? Nothing. You kidding, I'm barely awake at this time. All I can dream about is my Hazelnut Ice Coffee =). I've come to master this, better than DD's if I should say so myself. I brew the coffee the night before so it can get nice and cold in the fridge. Pour it over ice, with some 1% milk, and 3 Splendas. Yum-O, as Rachel Ray would say it. Then it's off to beautify myself.

With our schedules being so different, normally Chris and I will drive to work separately. However, today we're working at the same times. So I ask him if he's taking the bike and he responds that he is. Oh well, guess I'll be wasting my gas today too! The prices used to be going down, but now with Gustav they seem to be rising again. Like I have extra money to be giving away to the stupid gas stations. They're some money-stealing people. Anyways... I finish up my make-up and hair. Now it's time to put together my ensemble. (ooh fancy word) We're having visitors today, so my normal tank and jeans will not do. I throw on my skinny jeans with a white button shirt...nope... I look disproportional; big boobs, wide hips, and skinny legs. I have absolutely no nice pants. I'm running late now, so I just throw on a pair of jeans. There's just no way around it for me. Accessories, love them!, include yellow flats, yellow earrings, a beaded brown belt, silver cuff bracelet, Anne Klein watch, and a long necklace that incorporates all the colors. Lookin' pretty good, I grab my coffee and purse and head out the door.

Work is normally pretty boring to me. I do alot of personal things, like go on myspace and facebook, check my emails, and bank accounts. Today I had to call unemployment. I had filed for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation. This was supposed to provide up to 13 weeks of extended benefits if you had not worked since filing a claim in like July of 2006. I'm thinking this is pretty sweet. I get paid in cash, so there's no record of any wages that I've made. I apply for this EUC and from the looks of things I seem to be eligible. I claim my weeks when they told me too. Finally, after checking my account daily and still not seeing the deposit, I receive a letter in the mail saying I am not eligible because I have not worked and have exhausted all of my credits. This is just a huge disappointment for me. I was really counting on this. Money has been tight for a while. The cost of my tuition, books, and car insurance put a serious dent in the funds. So maybe 2 days later I get another letter in the mail from unemployment. OMG- they're saying I am eligible now! How can this be? Two letters, dated with the same mailing date, one says no and one says yes. Enough is enough. I decide to call to get it all straigtened out. After explaining my situation, the woman puts me on hold for what seems like 20 minutes. Ludacrous. She finally comes back on and explains to me that I am able to get extended benefits based on my claim that was filed back in July of last year. I want to scream and hug this woman. However, I quickly compose myself. You really shouldn't show you're true self to these people. Especially if you're in my situation, I have a job, but I still get to collect! I think I earned it.

After this exciting news, I get on the internet and search for that mini notebook I had seen last week. It's soooo cute! 8.9" screen, 2.2lbs in weight. What's not to love?? It's mad cheap too, $418. It has a 120gb hard drive, 1gb of memory, usb drives, webcame, internal wireless card, Microsoft XP (huge plus for me), and an SD card reader. It was love at first sight. The only down fall is that they're out of stock literally everywhere. But this one website is supposed to get them in on September 10th. You know I placed my order immediately so I can get on that priority list. I'm so looking forward to being on the internet everywhere I go. I did a little research and it seems that quite a few places are offering WiFi to they're customers. Places like Starbucks, McDonalds, hotels, airports, hospitals, Panera Bread, and Borders to name a few. There are some restrictions, but nothing to crazy. Nothing will stop me now!

I'm extremely excited now. I finish out my day at work (nothing worth mentioning happened), then head home. I have alot of homework to do. So that's where I'm at now.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that on my bed, waiting for me, was a FedEx envelope. Already knowing what it was, I go off to do a couple things. Meanwhile, Chris comes in, opens the envelope and much to his dismay there is absolutely no one around to share his excitement! (He tells me this when I finally come back in- reenacting the whole scene) WooHoo! It's the Jets vs Dolphins tickets I ordered. Chris is a HUGE Jets fan. Neither one of us has ever been to a football game. So I think this is going to be a blast. This weekend we'll be heading down to Miami for the game. I can't wait!

Ok, enough for tonight. I must do my homework now.

Adios mis amigos!

In the beginning....

There was a girl who had a fear of writing. She would avoid writing and taking English Comp classes at all costs. Until one day she realized there was no getting around it.

So hear I am back in college at the age of 25. I got away with not taking any English classes my freshman year, but my luck ran out in the start of my second year. A little older, and a little wiser, I'm trying to do my best to keep the nerves calm. During this class it seems that at least one essay will be due per week. The first essay dealt with my writing evolution. It was so hard trying to describe my technique, or lack there of. I got to tell the teacher, like she wouldn't find out soon enough, that I have zero writing capabilities. I like style, organization, and the ability to include excessive amounts of details.

My main purpose for starting this blog is to get myself used to writing. Hopefully the more I do, the less nervous I'll be when an assignment is given. The second essay we are to write is a contrast of the two texts we were to purchase. In it we are to pick our favorite book and list the points we like most, for instance, layout, material, colors, lists, graphs, and advice. After reading the assigned pages, I picked The Little, Brown Compact Handbook. At first glance, I know it will hold my attention. They use font colors, such as blue, black, green, and red, along with bold testing to differentiate between the sections. There are also things like clustering maps, tree diagrams, and pie graphs. These kinds of things will definitely hold my attention longer than a basic font with normal paragraphs and zero pictures. There are also bulleted questions that you should ask yourself when you're starting your writing process. "Who are my readers? What do the readers already know and not know about my subject?"

So now that I told you a little about my assignment, I'm going to put an end to my procrastination and get to work. Maybe I'll post the finished essay after I'm done.... ooorrr maybe not! (The book says that the more you write, the more confidence you'll get in what you're writing. Here's hoping it's right!)

Until next time.....