Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fab Five Friday

Say that 5 times, fast....

1. Public transportation

In just a short amount of time I've gone from a huge fear of public trans to absolute infatuation. Great for people watching and beautiful views.

This one is my favorite <3

There was a guy on the train doing amazing yo-yo tricks. I wanted to take a video so badly...must. gain. courage.

2. Goat cheese

It's creamy & sinfully delicious. What's not to love? I first had it at Carrabba's in their Chicken Bryan. Crap it's good. So good that I had to search for the recipe and test it out myself.

I couldn't stop long enough to take a picture of the final plate. But there were leftovers! 
....with a side of vegetable couscous. Yum!

3. H&M

I'm 100% out of control borderline obsessed with this store. Good quality clothes with very reasonable prices....I'm sold. Clearly....

I went again this a free shirt which really helped the end total. She couldn't find the tag and asked if it was a set with the pants...I said sure! Ok. Free shirt.

4. Coffee

Without it I believe I would die I would never make it through the day. The BFF said it perfectly..." You're in Jersey now...This ain't Florida!" I feel like I'm going nonstop from the moment I wake up til the time I force myself to stop. I'm no energizer bunny I tell ya!

5. Late Night TV

I'm so deliriously tired by the time I lay down, but I still have to get in a daily dose of Friends, and more recently, Big Bang Theory. BBT is geek-tastic.

That is all. Have a great weekend! xoxo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi my name is Jacki...

...and I'm a shopaholic. This past week has been a whirlwind of shopping. To explain: I got my first grown-up job since graduating! Eek! Combine this with the fact that I needed a whole new wardrobe because Florida apparel is not appropriate to wear in NJ/PA. 
But let's take it back a little further...Last Friday was Restaurant Week in Philly. Clearly being the food lover that I am, I had to partake. Dinner was at The Prime Rib and included a 3 course meal for $35...hello sweet deal! 
Course 1: Caesar salad
Course 2: Crab Imperial
Course 3: Options included Key Lime Pie, Creme Brulee, & Chocolate Mousse Pie...anyone that knows me should know what I chose.

Ok, ok....and back to shopping. I'm currently having a love affair with fall jackets. They're everywhere & I have total zero self-control. I caved and bought the motorcycle jacket from H&M; paired with skinny jeans and my new ankle boots, I looked fab ;)
Forever21 had some seriously cute jackets...I was torn.

My fashion advisor picked option 1. <3 loooove it!
And some other outfits... wear with my new brown stretchy pants & brown flats

Day 1's outfit...I was a little nervous about my tattoos and nose piercing. Unnecessary. I saw both of these things on my fellow co-workers during the tour. Yay!

This makes me feel fancy.

Day 2's outfit
Day 3 was a Friday aka Jeans Day. This excites me. Clearly I had to buy another pair of jeans from Hollister.
Grand total of my shopping excursion: 
After a year of no employment & not having any really early classes I was seriously unused to waking up early. I subjected others to my pain ;)
The J.O.B.
Last Monday I went in to meet with the Bookkeeper I would be working with. They informed me they had another interview that afternoon and would get back the next day. A couple hours later I received the call offering me the position. Good choice people. Good choice. Even better...they wanted me to start in 2 days! Eek! Deal!
Day 1 they wasted no time putting me to work. Bank recs all day long. Holy eyeball pain. This old girl is not used to working. Everyone was super nice & welcoming. The company bought the Accounting department lunch for my first day. 
They sure know the way to my heart. does "the boyfriend". Have I mentioned how much I love food?? especially cozy little Italian places that serve orgasmic pasta.
Pasta with onions & pancetta in a spicy marinara sauce
The rest of the weekend was filled with more good food, family, & friends. Now I need to get organized for my first full week of work. 
Challenges I foresee:
  1. Multiple people needing to get ready around the same time in the morning
  2. Finding the train station
  3. Getting off at the right stop
  4. The most important one: figuring in my workouts after a long day
I'm extremely grateful for all those that have given me the encouragement and help that I needed to get to this point. I don't think I've ever been this happy...just ask my sister ;)

Wish me luck this week! xoxo

Thursday, September 15, 2011


In the news today....Kirstie Alley lost weight...again. This woman is out of control with her yo-yo weight. Her heart has got to be pissed at her.

She dropped from a size 14 to a 4...Let's see how long this lasts.

She should take a few pointers from Dr. Ozs's 6 Easy Ways to Extend Your Life:
  1. Get up off your butt! People who sit for hours at work are going to die sooner. 
  2. An egg a day keeps you out of the ground. One egg packs 13% of daily protein and only 4% of daily calories.
  3. Take chromium to maintain blood sugar levels. 
  4. As my friend Bart would say: Floss!! Apparently cramming before you see the dentist isn't really effective. Who knew?
  5. Check your pulse when you wake up in the morning. You might already be dead, in which case, these pointers would be useless.
  6. Do a, not that kind. Start with your thumbs by the sides of your nose and walk the index and middle finger across to the temple.

I'm a big fan of SUPERfoods and SUPERsets. They're...SUPERawesome. Here are just a few SUPERfoods you can easily include in your diet to keep you alive. 
  1. Beets
  2. Horseradish 
  3. Sweet potatoes
  4. Cruciferous veggies--cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli rabe
  5. Blueberries
  6. Dark, leafy greens
  7. Canned Salmon
Now you say, Great, but what the heck can I make with these things. Well people here ya go:

I'm squeezing in a quick run & ab workout before the Phillies game today! I love my life :) Wish I could get paid to do this.

Have a happy, healthy Thursday!! 


1.63 mi in 16 min...The best part of the run:

Down hill with a cool breeze on my face

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

This is my first time doing a themed day...but I felt it was in order.

Last Friday I had an interview, which I thought went pretty well. Apparently they did too because they're calling my references!

Thanks 'Susie' for the rave review! Now to find a backup reference for a boss that is no longer with the company.

Next order of business would be to meet the other girls in the accounting department.

I'm off to get my but whooped by Jillian and run some errands! Fingers crossed for a call back!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's a little sneak peak of tonight's dinner ;)

Pan-grilled, herb & garlic marinated chicken, coated in parmesan cheese

Oven roasted potatoes with fresh garlic, rosemary, and chopped parsley
Combine all with extra virgin olive oil. Season well with salt and pepper.
Place the potatoes in the oven and roast for about 30 to 40 minutes at 375 degrees, shaking the baking sheet occasionally

Fresh salad with black olives and garlic feta

Eek! I'm so excited! <3 

Can't. Stop. Thinking.

Something to know about me: I'm a far in the distance planner. And once I have my mind set on something there's no stopping it.

Halloween is only a mere 49 days away people. I'm thinking about dressing up as Sandy in Grease (favoritest movie ever, along with Pretty Woman).

Recently I was in H&M and spotted this fierce motorcycle jacket. I've been having dreams about it ever since. Why did I not buy it?!

I'm taking this discovery as a sign.

....and now back to another grueling JM workout. Sandy's pants are pretty tight.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Change (v.): to become different; to become altered or modified

I've always had an aversion to this word. It scares me. One of the reasons I like accounting/finance is because its black & white. Clear as day. Now I know some change can be a good thing, but some people just go a little crazy with it. Since I've been back I've seen a lot of this...more in some than others. People grow up- I get that. It's life. Things happen. Some have grown into better, stronger people, some have gone through experiences that makes life simply more difficult, and then there's the very select few that seemingly have not changed a bit. 

Changing in a positive way is the least scary kind to me. I can accept this more easily. But if it goes in the opposite direction things get crazy. To this I say: Be true to yourself. Don't let anyone or anything change what is not already broken. Don't get caught up in life, greed, and relationships to the point where you are no longer human. 

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves..."

On a positive note, we welcomed two babies into the world this week! Congratulations  on the birth of these little boys. May the changes you experience be ones that bring extreme happiness.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Event Etiquette

Written somewhere is a list of proper event planning rules. The first rule being about proper having some! If you're going to plan an all white party after Labor Day the least you could do is give your guests enough notice to shop for attire while its actually in season! This being said, I've been in a shopping frenzy for the past couple days.

Yesterday's tirade almost led me to an extreme meltdown in the middle of the mall. I couldn't find shoes, a belt, or accessories...and then the worst happened. My blood sugar plummeted to a dangerous level. I needed food stat!

And then it's like the heavens opened up and there appearing in front of me was what I have been craving for for like a week...Saladworks! I scarfed down the most delicious greek salad...but it wasn't enough. I was still weak. Being the good girl that I am, I opted for another healthy treat.

#1 Energy & Power!!
Spinach, Wheatgrass, Soy Milk, Strawberries, Carrots, Orange, Watermelon, Beet, & Pineapple

Yumminess!! Refueling complete I finished the rest of my task :)

Tonight is the White Luau Pool Party! Can't wait to catch up with some awesome people! But first I need Jillian to whoop that @ss so I can fit in the dress....White is not nearly as forgiving as black.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Proof is in the Pictures

I need a job. Plain and simple.

Instead I spend 7 hours at someone else's job and this is what happens:

This man claimed he was in the market for a mattress, but really he just needed a place to pee....and vent about Nazis. You can't trade cans for mattresses, Sir!

Best blanket ever! I swear I was wrapped in warm, puffy clouds.

Top reason I need a job: I spent way too much time doing this pointless crossword puzzle....It exhausted me so much I needed to grab the heavenly blanket, a $150 pillow, and test drive a fantastic $3k bed.

I was led to believe I would win something for completing this crossword. #notwinning

Update on the job situation:
I was scheduled for an interview this morning, however, due to the Apocalypse and some seriously bizarre weather we've been having, it was postponed until tomorrow....Lovely. One more day to stress myself out! Yay! Not!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things that make me happy...

I'm a simple & easily amused kind of girl.

1. Shopping

What girl doesn't?!...Traffic is by far the best shoe store on the planet: totally cute shoes for leetle money.

The brand says it all: Passion for Fashion! I can't wait to wear theseee!!! I lurve fall/winter solely for the clothes and shoes.

2. Comedy

Sunday night consisted of an in-home zoo (3 dogs, 2 cats), Forgetting Sarah Marshall...and a few other things we'll get to.

"Take my eyes but not me shirt!" ... There are so many funny quotes from this movie I could be here all day.

3. Booze

My new favorite wine is Pinot Noir...thank you Romes! We killed this bottle and I feared for my head the next day. However, I woke up sans headache! Yayy!


4. Girl Friends

Most of us don't need a therapist as much as a friend to be silly with- Robert Brault

Put all these things together and it makes the perfect day :)

Love my girls! <3 xoxo

Saturday, September 3, 2011

She makes me hurt so good...

Ripped in 30 is by far my favorite workout video by Jillian. I've conquered all 4 weeks and now am just having fun with it, mixing up the weeks depending on my mood. Yesterday turned out to be a week 1 kind of day. While it is only the first workout in the series she doesn't go any easier on you than in week 4.

She looks so amazing! If I didn't love food so much I could definitely look like this.

Maybe one day I could bend like this....or not.

Post workout breakfast consisted of whole grain toast with natural pb and 3 eggs (1 egg, 2 whites) with cheese (I can't live without cheese, sorry washboard stomach).

Family dinner for my BFF & dad was scheduled for last night, so after workout I swung over to Sweet Eats to pick up the red velvet cake with cream cheese icing...YUM! I could have gorged on everything in there.

I've become such a nomad lately that Lulu has seriously gotten over her anxiety of car rides. GF is out!

This is my poor house I lived in growing up in Deptford.... So sad. The people just let it go completely. How hard is it to mow the lawn people?!

Family! They're awesome :)

Excited to go to my uncles today and hang out with the family! I can't believe this is the last official weekend of the summer :(

Have a great day everyone! xo