Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I like my butt whoopin's with a kick...

The latest JM workout arrived on my doorstep today!!! Eeeppp!

Woop! Woop! I was seriously excited. The last few workouts of Ripped I was actually beginning to get a little bored. Don't get me wrong, it was still kickin my @$$, I was just bored of the moves. Enter Extreme Shed & Shred. This workout infuses kickboxing, yoga, Jiu-Jitsu, cardio, and strength training. One of the main reasons I like JM's videos is because the moves are simple, yet effective. To be honest, can I put this...I almost completely lack hand/leg/foot/arm-eye coordination. It's a wonder I can put one foot in front of the other without falling on my face. (I may stumble a bit, but I don't fall down) So this workout was going to be a real challenge. 

There are three options: Level 1 (30 min), Level 2 (30 min), or Level 1 & 2 combined. She recommends doing 1&2 straight through...I however know better  then that when starting one of her new workouts. As I expected, it was awesome. The warm-up seemed extra long, probably because the workout was longer than the Ripped 20 min. I loved all the different moves, but definitely struggled through the kickboxing parts. I'll get it with practice (maybe). 

I huffed and puffed, felt muscles I didn't know I had....
But I lived to write this blog ;)  Muscles willing I'll be trying out Level 2 tomorrow before proceeding to the 1&2 combo.

I'm off to bed! It's been a fun few days, but I have some serious beauty sleep to catch up on.


"I savored every last bite..."

Seems the Crock Pot Beef Stew was a hit :) So as promised here is the recipe:

1 package ( 1+ lb) of stew meat
1 can of Campbells condensed Cream of Mushroom
1/4 c. onion
1/4 c. celery
1 1/4 c. water
1/2 c. red wine (I used Merlot)
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 small package of baby carrots
1 small bag of baby yellow potatoes (halved)
salt & pepper

1. Combine the water, wine, and cream of mushroom soup in the crock.
2. Add all other ingredients, stirring to combine.
3. Cook on low for 10-12 hrs. (Yours may take a shorter amount of time. I had it on for 12 hrs while at work)


The bestie and G came over to enjoy with me! G was especially fond of the carrots, as was the bf. Something about wine infused carrots that's just sooo 'licious. 
We ate; we talked; we played with the doggies; we had cupcakes....

Mommy & G

G lovin' her cupcake

Dear Santa, I've been VERY good ;)

It was a great night....but wasn't over yet. An 11:10 pm (yes, read that correctly) soccer game followed....I know. Blasphemy. But there's nothing I love more than going to support my boy and watch him dance circles around the other team ;)

Total domination... Poor guys. They were good spirited though. Probably a sign that they're used to losing.

I think those shoes would glow in the dark.

If anyone has any slow cooker recipes (or any recipes at all) to share, feel free to comment!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today is the day!!!

Or so I thought.... I pre-ordered JM's latest DVD over a month ago. Today was the release date and supposed delivery date. Amazon has failed me. I'm choosing not to hate because they have treated me so well in the past ...and also because I really don't have time tonight to try it out.

My bestie and G are coming over for dinner!! I found a recipe on the Skinny Crockpot site for a beef roast... modified it slightly for beef stew. If it comes out good (which it better since I was up late chopping and crying over an onion), I'll post my version later...

Wish me luck today. I'm gonna need it. I'm extremely tired after Ripped Week 3, a 30 day Shred bonus, chopping (and crying), 5 hrs of sleep, and Ab Ripper X this morning.... oh and I get to stay up late tonight to watch the bf play soccer at 11:10 pm. It's gonna take a lot of coffee (maybe a lil crack) to keep me awake.


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Monday, December 5, 2011

You know it's time when...

You see your greys glaring back at you in the reflection of the microwave door.

Although the first clue should've been when the bf was playing with my hair and I caught him looking more closely, eyebrows furrowed.

Yep, I'll be getting a hair cut and touch up immediately after work. #shouldvewornahattoday

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Oh snap!

I just downloaded the blogger app! Be prepared for more random posts.

Happy Monday! Xoxo

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I could basically sum up this weekend in one picture:

There was ALOT of snuggling :)

Saturday morning I stopped and had coffee with my biffers and G. We talked, watched cartoons, and danced (we left that to G). It was fabulous. 

Fully energized, Lulu and I headed home to be slightly productive. I wanted to clean and run a few errands. One of the purchases included a new shower head. (yea, I know...exciting) I was over being pounded by a thin stream of water. Now I like to think that if I needed to, I could take care of myself and do some guy-ish type things (within reason of course). I had changed out a shower head or two in my day...but this one was seriously stuck. Fear not! Our handy man lives right next door! Loooove this! I put in a service call and when I came home tonight it was in. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and take a luxurious shower. Once the errands were done, I came back to do some light cleaning, mainly vacuuming. 2 vacuums in the house. Both crap. One shot dusty furballs out the back, which I tried to suck up with the second. Not a chance. I resorted to a broom and dust pan. *Shudder* Completely frustrated, I opted for a nap. Napping is my favorite and I needed to be well rested for the night ahead. 

Today was by far the highlight of the weekend. Brunch and some serious cuddling. I was granted a Sunday with the boy since the Eagles played on Thursday. For this I am grateful! I finally was able to experience brunch at the place everyone raved about. If I could have tried every one of the menu options I would have. It was seriously hard to decide, but I settled on a mimosa (slurrrp!) and the Crabby Benny: crab cakes topped with poached eggs, potatoes, and salad. One word: Foodgasm. The rest of the day was filled with movie watching and naps. Pure, simplistic pleasures. Couldn't have asked for a better day or weekend.

This week it's time to get serious though. I've finished my Christmas shopping. Yay me! So now I have no excuse to not have a date with JM all week. The holidays are rapidly approaching and I need to step up my game. 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 

Here's a few more snugglicious pics:


Friday, December 2, 2011

Give Unto Others…

Sharing is Caring!

‘Tis the season to dig deep and give unto those less fortunate. Granted this should not just happen once a year around the holidays, but it happens nonetheless. Bins for toys & contributions will start popping up everywhere you go. Reach into those pockets and grab whatever change you may have and throw it in. Some may have more than others, but every little bit is appreciated! Time is also extremely valuable…if you truly can’t donate money, volunteer your time. And if you don't have either...well, you should probably reevaluate your life. Jus' sayin.

Open your eyes!

Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop and take a look around us. We get accustomed to our environment and stop noticing the constants.

If a 3 year old can do it, so can you!

Think before you do…

Before you throw that uneaten sammich in the trash can, remember all the homeless people you just passed on your way to work/school.

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Everywhere!

I work in the Christmas capital of the world....or so it seems to me. You can't walk into the Wanamaker Building and not smile at all the festive decorations. Well, maybe you could...the only reason I may not be smiling on the outside is because 1) it's too early, 2) I'm going to work, but nevertheless, the smiling is occurring deep down.

Carolers when you first walk in:

Ahhh Christmas tree magically appears going up the escalator:

Today I checked out the Macy's Holiday Light Show. Apparently it's a big deal and has been an ongoing tradition since 1956. Who knew?! Not I. It was pretty cool!


Next up was the Dicken's Village on the 3rd floor....Little background: this has been a tradition for the past 20 years and consists of a 6,000 square foot village that reenacts the classic, A Christmas Carol.

^Little creeping looking, right?

Guess who was at the end of the village....yep, Santa!!! Eeek! He DOES exist! I sat on his lap and told him what I wished for....I'm pretty confident he'll make it happen...He is after-all Santa!

To keep up with the Christmas theme goin on today, we decided there was no time like the present to take pictures for Lulu's holiday cards. The tree is up in our living room and had a pretty red present box underneath...where do you think I'm going with this? If you think I decided to put Lulu in the box, because what better present could you receive?!, you would be.....correct! It took some smushing and pupperoni, but it happened. At the end I couldn't even get her out of the box! (maybe a little too much smushing?)

Keeping her eyes on the Pupperoni!

She's still a little traumatized...but the cards have been ordered!! Success! Happy Birthday my little munchkin! Sorry to have tortured you on your special day! Hehe, but it was worth it!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Christmas tree at City Hall in a few days, and also Love Park! <3 .....I'd even like to check out NYC's decorations this year...(Hint Hint, BF!!)


25 Days til Christmas!

It's been brought to my attention that I've been slacking on the blog lately....'Tis true. So sorry. I'm going to try to update once a day until Christmas, mostly holiday themed. If you're in a Scrooge-type of mood you should probably avoid this blog like the plague.

 Special birthday wishes to my baby girl, Lulu! Mama loves you! You entered my life when I needed you the most and have been my lil shadow for 13 months. You know when I need to laugh and when I just want to cuddle.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The wait is almost over!

Only 4 more days until Moving Day!!! Eek! Sooooo excited! Saturday I planned on picking up new bedroom furniture and having the mattress delivered. Turned out to be the worst day to do this weather-wise. First snow of the October?! Yikes. So not ready for this.
Lulu and I were very appreciative of this. We got to stay in the car with the heat on & snuggled under a blanket ;)
Furniture picked out and cleverly loaded into my little car, we headed to the new house. Every time I show up there, something new has been done to the house. It is VERY exciting. Not so funny story: My Lulu is NOT a fan of having wet feet. She's in for a rude awakening this winter. We're not in Florida anymore Babe! So not five minutes after I had her outside, we're standing around talking with the new landlord, aka Mr. J. and I smell this wicked stench. Dear God please don't let it be what I think it is. Turning around, yep, less than a foot behind me is the foulest turd ever. #mostembarassingmoment....thankfully he was a good sport about it. We then proceed to unload the million and one boxes the bed and bureau came the rain/snow/sleet mixture. Delightful I tell you. I ran out to pick up some things, food included, while the boy got to work....
Lulu stayed to supervise.
oooh and I also got to take a fun trip back to Ikea to pick up the mid-beam that "someone" forgot ;) I'm not sure how.....
Now when I tell you that he REALLY loves doing this stuff, I'm not lying. It's true. He even said it. Unfortunately you can't really get that feeling from this picture.
The finished products:
I helped with the bureau a little bit and only had to re-do something once :) Success! I am EXTREMELY thankful for my boy's help. It probably would have taken me three days, one bottle of ibuprofen, and a couple bottles of wine to reduce my blood pressure if I had had to do it on my own. XOXO

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Once again, this week has been a whirlwind of cr@p that just makes me love life: food, friends, and boyfriend (que?!)
Um, let's start with food.... I've finally mastered the pork chop as best as I can. I've been at it for over a year now, and I finally feel that I've gotten as good at it as I will ever be. Marinated for 24 hrs and baked at 350 for 1 hour then broiled for about 5 minutes on each side. Along with the most savory, orgasmic classic risotto I've ever placed in my mouth.
The finished product. Yeah.....I'm amazing. The way to a man's heart is through is stomach right?....In this case, it's really about how much I can make my taste buds dance. Right, Nikki?! ;) 

Spending nights with the boy & my best girl make me extremely content.

Add in some FaceTime with the Seesdor and I couldn't be happier :) 
We always have the best, most informative/interesting conversations ever....especially if one of us (ahem, most likely me) is under the influence of the "special juice".  I loooove her!

Friday night was a night spent out with some of my favs. I consumed a different flavor of mussels at my most favorite place, hung out with some amazing gf's, and watched our team fail in Game 5. Thankfully being in the company of some awesome people dulled the pain of not witnessing the crazy excitement I wished to see in my city. 
Saturday I woke up early, much to the dismay of the boy, yelling to shut off the d@mn alarm; it was time for the thing I've been most looking forward too... For years I've been wanting to take care of the situation in my mouth....No, not the crooked-ness that the dentist so politely pointed was time for whitening! I lurve money saving sites, such as Living Social & Groupon. I found a great deal for teeth whitening and snatched it up in a heart beat. 4 15-min sessions & extreme discomfort later...
 Pearly-whites. :D As you can see...I'm happy. 
Long after I expected to have left this appointment, I made the trip to Elizabeth, NJ. I'm extremely thankfully for the friends I have & the things they do for me. One particular friend did me a righteous favor and brought some things from Florida up to NJ. To him I'm extremely thankful!!! I don't really know how else I would have gotten these would have most likely cost me a good chunk of moooo-lah.
Four-ish hours of sleep, 2.5 hours of mouth torture, over 3 hours of driving later...I was ready for either coffee....which I wasn't allowed to have after the whitening....or a serious nap. The latter occurred for a good 3 hours. AHHHHH...I've finally gotten my sleeping abilities back. After which I was awaken by the boy, acquired a milkshake, and headed back to bed for another good 12 hours...Ah...I have the good life.
I was especially in a good mood today. It was a gorgeous day out & I took a much desired trip to Ikea. By far my most favorite place on earth. I'm getting more & more excited as the days go on to move into this house. 
Special thanks to my momma for the free shipping code to West Elm. I'd pretty much given up on this duvet. But now my dreams have become a reality....I love when things fall into place!
Speaking of which....In the past few weeks, I've gotten a job, which they love me (expressed on Friday ;), made some amazing new room purchases, and entered into a relationship with one of the best friends I've had for long time. My life continues to amaze me every single day. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fab Five Friday

5 Things That I Find Awesome:

5. The center of a cinnamon roll

4. When the slow car in front of you finally moves out of the way

3. Getting carded even when you're way over the legal age

2. When someone accidentally snorts while laughing, causing you to laugh even harder

1. Finding that someone that gives you the good stomach butterflies

Have a great weekend! XoXo